Saturday, March 24, 5:30 PM

The Well Grand Prix! All ages are welcome to participate: Kids, Teens, and Adults!
1. Sign-up at The Welcome Center, Splash, or by commenting on the Facebook event.
2. Buy car kit: $10 at The Well or elsewhere.
3. Draw design on your car block.
4. Bring it to Splash on March 7th or March 21st to have it cut. Or cut your car at home.
5. Sand & paint your car at home.
6. Join us for a fun night of RACES, FOOD, and AWARDS on MARCH 24th!

June, July & August

Family Camp, Camp with Grandparents,
Explorer, Adventure, Challenge & Impact Camps,
Theatre Camp, Wakeboard Camp, and more!
Registration for summer camps is open!
Early bird prices end April 1st, so we encourage you to sign-up early!
Every three years more than 5,000 students from across The Evangelical Covenant Church come together in once place to glimpse how they fit into the bigger picture of God’s kingdom. At CHIC, a Make and Deepen Disciples event, lives are changed as students are inspired to dive deeper in their faith together. 
To register talk to Pastor Trenton for Registration.
See event details at chicconference.org.