Dear Family at the Well:

Finally we are coming out of the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Church is reopening after careful thought and planning on June 7th, that’s this coming Sunday. We are grateful that we can come together and worship our God and king.

The first service will be at 8:30 AM.  It will be an outdoor service in the parking lot for those that are not able to gather inside until there are more answers to the COVID-19 issue. This 8:30 AM service will be broadcast via an FM transmitter on 98.1.  This means that you can sit in the comfort and safety of your car and still be at church listening to the service on your FM radio.  The Church will be open for any needs that you may have, and our usher team will be there to assist you.  The sermon and worship will be done in the back of a truck so that everyone can see. 

The second service will be held at 11:00 AM. It will be in the sanctuary for those that are ready and able to come back.  The service will be paperless and CDC guidelines will be in place to assure that we are protecting and caring for each person that steps into the sanctuary.  We are asking that every person wear a mask into the church and take it off when seated and then place it over their face when singing.  For now there will be no child care and no Connection classes.  But let’s be clear, we are working on a plan to get the church fully functioning as soon as possible.

If you have children and attend, please bring some paper and crayons and or books to engage them.

As we gather again, I want to remind everyone that the protocols that are in place are for those that have preexisting health issues and those that are simply physically weak.  I believe it is an honor to make a small sacrifice in the interest of another person so that they can join us in a safe and honoring fashion.

Serving Jesus Christ, the Risen One,

On behalf of the Elders and Leadership Team,

Pastor Marc

AUG 9, 2020

8:30 AM Blended  · 11:00 AM Contemporary 

EMAIL:  ·  PHONE: 515·266·1732

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